Definitions for "Biodiversity Action Plan"
Keywords:  bap, cbd, habitat, conserve, wildlife
Biodiversity Action Plan. This sets out a strategy to preserve and enhance the biological diversity of a specified area. The UK BAP is the UK Government's response to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) signed in 1992. It describes the UK's biological resources and commits a detailed plan for the protection of these resources. It has 391 Species Action Plans, 45 Habitat Action Plans and 162 Local BAPs with targeted actions. Many companies are now producing their own Company BAPs that outline their contribution to the UK & Local BAPs.
a structured approach to mapping and summarising significant native biodiversity assets, identifying actions, priorities and tools which can be used at the bioregional and landscape level. more information on BAP's. (
Action Plans concerned with protecting biodiversity from the international to national and local levels.