Definitions for "BAP"
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Business Auto Policy. A standardized contract for writing liability and property coverage on commercial autos.
A method (ab)used to get the search engines to quickly index your blog's content.
Business Alliance Programme (Oracle) BOM Bill Of Materials BPR Business Process Re-engineering
A light bread oval bread roll with a soft floury crust and light inner crumb.
a small loaf or roll of soft bread
An oval-shaped white bread roll served for breakfast.
Biodiversity Action Plans. The UK BAP recognises 391 species and 45 habitats as priorities for action. This action includes protection from further loss and improvement in numbers or areas. Agri-environment schemes are one such mechanism.
Burnley Action Partnership
Behavior Assessment Plan
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B√Ętiments Agricoles et Paysage
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Berita Acara Pemeriksaan, Police Investigation Report, which typically includes the minutes of the police interrogation of the defendant.
(slang) A high bandwidth connection to the internet.
The Bandwidth Allocation Protocol (BAP) carries out dynamic multilinking by adding or dropping links as they are needed. BAP is very useful for connections where charges are based on the utilization of bandwidth.
Bandwidth Allocation Protocol. A PPP control protocol that is used on a multiprocessing connection to dynamically add and remove links. See also: Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)
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Brigade Anti-Pub
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Bhoruka AIDS Project
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Arcadia Park Branch Library 014301
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'BAP is a German rock group.
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Body Animation Parameters
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Benefits Analysis Program
Baptism, Baptised