Definitions for "HCP"
Habitat conservation plan. An agreement between the Secretary of the Interior and either a private entity or a state that specifies conservation measures that will be implemented in exchange for a permit that would allow taking of a threatened or endangered species.
Hearing Conservation Program
Habitat Conservation Plan. A provision of the Endangered Species Act for agreements between the federal government and either a private landowner or public agency. In the agreements, the landowner or agency commits to a single or multi-species plan to protect listed species for a set period of time in exchange for assurance that as long as they follow the plan, they will not be liable for harm that may occur to the covered species.
hexagon closest packing. crystal arrangement of layers of particles where two layers alternate positions. The layering is known as ABAB.
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Hypothermal Coal Process
Healthcare proxy. A type of advance directive that gives a person (such as a relative, lawyer, or friend) the authority to make healthcare decisions for another person. It becomes active when that person loses the ability to make decisions for himself or herself.
See host command processor (HCP).
host command processor. The SNA logical unit of the programmable store system store controller.
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common abbreviation for high-card points (2); 4-3-2-1-points. [See Points.
High Card Points. Usually refers to the Work Point Count, where an Ace is evaluated as 4 points, a King 3, a Queen 2, and a Jack 1.
health care professional
Health care provider
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House of Commons Paper