Definitions for "nondiscrimination"
Fairness in treating people without prejudice; -- used mostly in reference to discrimination based on race, religion, and nationality.
The practice of not discriminating against members of disadvantaged or protected groups in hiring practices, policies, benefits or conditions of employment.
Equal employment opportunity as it was generally defined in the initial phases of development in the law of equal employment opportunity; Absence either of overt and intentional discrimination or affirmative action to eliminate the effects of past discrimination, whether intentional or not. The "Nondiscrimination Clause" required in federal government contracts has been expended through later regulations to include the requirement for written affirmative action plans with goals and timetables.
Habitat holds the belief that Godâ€(tm)s love extends to the whole world and demonstrates that belief by working to make adequate housing available to all people, regardless of race, creed, faith, gender or age. While Habitat is a Christian organization, it welcomes the involvement of people of all faiths.