Definitions for "This film"
Keywords:  comedy, classic, jackie, gleason, burt
a classic in chase/comedy flicks, with comedy coming in great doses, thanks to star Burt Reynolds (he gives his best line in the beginning with his laugh later ripped off by Dennis Miller) and co-stars Jackie Gleason and Sally Field
a classic in my opinion
a funny romantic comedy about Indian arranged marriage, with a cast that is very easy to like
a documentary about American fundamentalist-evangelic Christians (right wing types) supporting ultra-orthodox conservative Jews (Chabad types)
a well-written and acted live-action documentary of Robert Wiener's experiences working as a CNN correspondent in Baghdad during the Gulf War
a biting and hilarious parody of people who not only force themselves into artificial molds but also feel the to make other people fit the same stereotypical molds
a must see, for both sides of the political spectrum, as well for people who want to get a glimpse at the beautiful culture of Iraqi
a chef d'oeuvre, masterpiece, magnum opus, perfection
a great favorite of mine, though it's a hard-sell to recommend to friends
a great way to introduce Asian American history to elementary children and to inspire similar history research projects
an inspiring, joyous film about a brilliant, unorthodox teacher and the students whose lives he influenced
a semi-autobiographical account of a period of time in Martin Cummins' (director/actor) life after his mother died
Keywords:  penn, hardcore, teller, fans
a must for the Penn and Teller hardcore fans
Keywords:  disappointment, shocking
a shocking disappointment
Keywords:  novelist, testimony, creative
a testimony to the creative novelist E
a gem that has only been seen by those in the festival circuits and frequent customers of the specialty urban shelves of Block Buster and Hollywood Video stores
a lovingly rendered meditation on the dissolution of a an ancient dynasty
a wonderful dramatization of the civil rights struggle in a small town in Mississippi
Keywords:  loathing, amazing, self, study
an amazing study in self-loathing
Keywords:  remake, famous, play
a remake of a famous play by W
Keywords:  wannabe, noir, doesn't, film
a film noir wannabe and just doesn't quite make it
an interesting memento of a period seemingly long ago, but actually in the recent past
a celebration of artists and musicians in Cuba's capital
Keywords:  dog, complete
a complete dog
Keywords:  waste, time
a waste of time
Keywords:  pain, watch
a pain to watch