Definitions for "SIMPLE Plan"
an employer-sponsored retirement savings plan that allows employees to defer a portion of their salary
a new type of salary reduction retirement strategy for small businesses
a new type of simplified retirement plan for small businesses
a bit of a departure for horror-film director Sam Raimi
a classic American horror story in which money gets in the way and destroys
a film that had immense critical acclaim yet was in limited release
Keywords:  coen, joel, thriller, fargo, academy
a taught crime thriller in the vein of Joel Coen 's Academy Award-winning Fargo
a lean and direct song about the simplicity of true love
an abstract rejection of selfishness, and he responds to it with "Here I Am Again" by finding humility and security in God's boundless love
a Treasure of the Sierra Madre-style tale of a group of regular people who descend into the depths of immorality because of the promises of money and riches
a tense yarn about three guys who stumble upon a downed plane in the snowy woods of a Minnesota wildlife preserve
Keywords:  poprock, lame, legend, gum, genre
a legend in the lame, bubble gum poprock genre
a disheartening experience
Keywords:  novelist, scott, novel, american
a novel by American novelist Scott B
Keywords:  suceeds, greed, movie, levels
a movie about greed which suceeds on several levels
a great character study which makes you think of what you simple
a low budget, character driven drama, Spider-Man a record breaking, CGI extravaganza
Keywords:  affair, hit, miss
a hit and miss affair
Keywords:  good, script, look, example
a good example of that
a really good script, go look at it