Definitions for "Grader"
Keywords:  blade, road, fullest, scraper, plow
A vehicle used for levelling earth, esp. one with a plow blade suspended from the center, used specifically for grading roads.
A machine used for the final surfacing and repairing of haul roads.
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Keywords:  lumber, worker, plywood, evaluate, mill
A worker who determined the grade of each piece of lumber.
Certified personnel trained to evaluate surfaced lumber for grade according to established rules and standards.
A worker who examines lumber, plywood, or other wood products and assigns it a grade according to an established set of rules. The grader is usually an employee of the mill, but sometimes is employed by a grading agency which charges the mill for his services.
Keywords:  judge, assigns, something
a judge who assigns grades to something
Keywords:  facilitated, means, one
One who grades, or that by means of which grading is done or facilitated.