Definitions for "Land Registration"
We may register a lien against land the payor may own. A lien against land secures all amounts due under a maintenance order, including future payments, so it may remain in place until the end of the maintenance order. That means the payor must use all or part of the proceeds from the sale of the land to help pay the maintenance debt before selling or transferring ownership of the land.
the recording of rights to land in some form of public register. It includes information on the rights, their location, and their holders. Registration can be parcel-oriented (sometimes referred to as title registration) or based on the holders or transfer documents (sometime referred to as deed registration). In title registration, ownership is transferred upon registration rather than on execution of the contract; the state may also provide a guarantee on the validity of the title.
A record held at land registery showing the identity of the registered owner, and any legal chargeds attached to it. e.g outstanding mortgage or loan.