Definitions for "ABE"
Abe is a fictional animated character from Clone High, voiced by Will Forte. Abe is a clone-parody of Abraham Lincoln. He is a very nice guy, but naïve and reluctant in most situations.
Abe is a fictional character and protagonist in the Oddworld fictional universe created by Oddworld Inhabitants. Abe was introduced in as a slave attempting to free himself and his brethren. His story was continued in and through-which his character changed and developed.
Advanced Boresight Equipment
An untethered submersible, equipped with cameras and sensors, that navigates by sound beacons for long periods of time, "sleeping" on the ocean floor between pre-programmed duties until signaled to ascend for recovery.
Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering
Automated Barcode Evaluator. A computerized program used by business mail entry units to check barcode readability.
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Alarm Bell
Program to provide basic skills and prepare students for high school equivalency.
Adult Basic Education