Definitions for "JANET"
Joint Academic NETwork. This links all higher education institutions, Research Council sites, many FE colleges and other bodies with a legitimate interest in working with the higher education and research community.
The Joint Academic Network is a system connecting the UK’s education and research organisations to each other, as well as to the rest of the world through links to the global Internet.
Joint Academic NETwork. A network covering most higher education and research establishments, with connections to other country's similar networks and to other internet service company's networks. JANET is operated by UKERNA.
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Janet is the de facto name for a small fleet of Boeing 737 passenger jets operated and likely owned by defense contractor EG&G. The aircraft serve the Nevada Test Site (most notably Area 51) from their terminal at Las Vegas' Mc Carran International Airport. The origin of the word "Janet" is obscure and while it is used as a radio callsign it is not known whether the name is an official name, code word, or acronym.
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