Definitions for "because it"
Keywords:  meritocricy
a meritocricy
Keywords:  vollbrecht, hellinga, soman, smsf, cto
a commercially available surrogate of soman and is a breakdown product of the nerve agent," said Hellinga
a good fit for us strategically, as we work to develop strong AAA products for enterprises that improve the security of networks and the data that is transmitted into the open air," stated John Vollbrecht, CTO of Interlink Networks
an edible product that contains an inedible product
a goal of the Department to help each local area to address their most pressing skill deficits
an intense one-year program that is economical in a way that allows me to start my career in a more expedited manner
a truly global qualification that equips members with the necessary skills and knowledge base to allow them to carve out a successful career,' he says
Keywords:  sportsmen, fang, proactive, claw, tooth
an organization, which is known around the world
a proactive organization fighting tooth fang and claw to preserve the god given rights of sportsmen
Keywords:  rebroadcast, terrestrial
a terrestrial show rebroadcast on XM
a certification for professional purposes - which is exactly what the Q-school is
a great club
a great organization and I felt it was my responsibility as a member to get involved and volunteer
Keywords:  houston, staple
a staple of Houston
Keywords:  survanient, civilian, agency
a civilian agency
a survanient agency
Keywords:  purebred, promote, viable, dogs, pro
an essential part of our mission to protect and promote purebred dogs
a pro-consumer measure that will enhance and promote the use of electronic signatures and electronic transactions in a positive manner for the real estate industry
a viable alternative to the technology you are used to promoting your website with
Keywords:  somber, film
a very somber film
an unfunded mandate that costs organizations such as Los Alamos over one million dollars a year to administer
a very influential lobbying group," said a Capitol Hill source who requested anonymity
Keywords:  envicom, storrer, third, party, county
a "national party committee
a third-party administrator
a third-party creditor beneficiary of the County' s contract with Envicom and the Storrer defendants
Keywords:  catastrophe
a conservatory program with a specific sequence of courses
a traditional AACSB program that offers students flexible course electives
a sponsor of a traveling exhibit, Ingdnieuse Afrique
a national problem which impacts on all stations
a simplistic and stupid explanation to describe why groups are in the social and economic stations that they find themselves in
a business loan
an invaluable resource for our business
a nonprofit religious association not engaged in a secular business activity
Keywords:  flyway, migratory, pacific, birds, stop
a place where migratory birds of the Pacific Flyway stop over
Keywords:  triumph, vin, chassis, log, plate
an original Triumph chassis with the log book and VIN Plate
Keywords:  noncoding, introns, template, dna, copy
a copy of the entire DNA template including the noncoding introns
Keywords:  killer, wicked, prevail, guilty, job
a law that changes the rules of the game to presume that one is guilty through association, I used it as an illuminating example, one that sheds light on what might happen should Jobs prevail
a step backward for workers in Central America and a job killer here at home
a wicked job to do
a trustworthy, professional organization that is completely dedicated to complementing the expertise of shop owners and technicians with the best information and services
a clean dry gas and will not damage small valves or seals
a living affirmation of the small town traditions which are at the heart of the American experience
a small, rugged, rapidly deployable unit suitable for tactical or vehicular use
an initiative enacted by the voters that does not permit repeal by the Board
a common alternative measure of performance that is used by management as well as investors when analyzing the financial position and operating performance of the Company
a key measure used by management to evaluate performance of business units and is utilized in measuring compliance with debt covenants
a key measure used by management to evaluate performance of business units, segments and the Company
Keywords:  bmw, crushed, europe, competition, car
a BMW manufacturer car but in Europe this car is crushed by the competition and definately it is not extra valued as it is in here
a higher priority, based on each NHP sold may choose to the selected medicinal plants
Keywords:  potent, inhibitor, reaction
a potent inhibitor of the reaction
an application of microgravity that has direct translation to use on Earth as well as potential use in space exploration
Keywords:  oraca, declare, outside, section, block
a COMMON block, the ORACA must be declared outside the Declare Section
a medical examination that could be used to screen out individuals with mental illnesses
an arbitrary reduction in the scope of that service to otherwise eligible individuals, solely on the basis of their illness or condition
Keywords:  css, studios, bypass, movies, technical
a tool primarily designed to bypass CSS (an effective technical measure used by movie studios to protect access to movies)
a genuinely portable programme
a no-nonsense negotiator for your interests
a Schedule I drug
a serious drug offense punishable by a maximum term of imprisonment of ten years
Keywords:  martial, lifestyle, daily, arts, part
a part of our martial arts training
a part of their daily lifestyle
Keywords:  manga, sweet, meant, series
a sweet series of manga and they were meant for each other
Keywords:  want, marketplace, guys, younger, lot
a program that has the marketplace available for people who want to own a home
a younger company and there are a lot of guys who are good and want to do a positive thing
a direct expense
a more expensive, time-consuming diagnostic modality and is less available
a legal rather than equitable claim
a legal requirement
a highly-structured, intensely orderly way of learning
a means to structure and identify interesting concepts which should become part of the structure model
Keywords:  familiar, place
a familiar place
a private entity that is not funded by or through state or local authority, and it is not an agency of the state or its political subdivisions
a state entity
a tax-exempt entity
a manifestations of money and therefore proprietary information
Keywords:  harder, longer, bit
a bit longer and a bit harder
Keywords:  personnel, file
a "personnel file
Keywords:  ritual, pagan, know, followed, you
a pagan ritual followed by you know who
Keywords:  exterior, angle
an exterior angle
a fairly new requirement
a useful method for spreading the news about new medications
Keywords:  topical, solution
a topical solution
a requirement for excellence in overall supply chain performance, supply chain visibility is more important than ever
Keywords:  stable, substance
a stable substance
an extensive survey of people whose weight and height are actually measured
a price-weighted average,
Keywords:  reliable, standard, one
a reliable standard one
a "principal term" of the agreement
a "principal term" of the contract
Keywords:  rest, world, test, case, example
a test case and can be an example to the rest of the world
Keywords:  partial, land, transfer, interest
a transfer of a partial interest in the land
Keywords:  residence, family, single
a single family residence
Keywords:  review, action, require, type
a Type II action and does not require a review
Keywords:  facility, active
an active facility
Keywords:  team, program, based
a team-based program
Keywords:  equity, home, loan
a home equity loan
a rule of particular applicability
Keywords:  cancer, agent, known, causing
a known cancer-causing agent
Keywords:  percentage, increase
a percentage increase
Keywords:  government, plan
a government plan
Keywords:  digital, system
a digital system