Definitions for "Amb"
Outline of a pollen grain or spore as viewed from directly above one of the poles (i.e., round amb, triangular amb).
( Erdtman, 1952) The outline of a pollen grain or spore seen in polar view. Comment: The term does not necessarily coincide with the equatorial outline. The term is especially useful for the outline of spores seen in polar view, because of their heteropolar shape.
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Asociaci& n Mundial de Boxeo
Amb was a princely state in what is today the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan. The state ceased to exist in 1969, when it was merged with the province of West Pakistan.
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AUSTRAC Management Board
Abbreviation for 'ambassador', sometimes used in the field of " Ufology" to describe an "alien" being.
Asynchoronous Balanced Mode. (Balanced Way Asynchronous)
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AT&T-developed analog cellular radio standard, adopted in the USA and in many other parts of the world.
Accrued Monthly Benefit. The monthly pension amount that you have earned through your service with your company.
Average Monthly Billing
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activity monitoring brief
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Amb or AMB may refer to