Definitions for "Flea Market"
a facility (indoors or outdoors) that rents space to anyone that offers items for sale to the general public
a facility that rents space to anyone that offers for sale to the general public merchandise, products, items, services and all other legal needs of the buying public
an open space in which small vendors and artisans set up stalls to sell handicrafts, antiques and collectibles at discount prices
a commercial event, with dealers -- obviously marche aux puces is the nearest counterpart
a great place to find old linens
a great place to hunt for bargains, but the sheer volume of stuff can make it overwhelming
a happy place, a little like a fair
An informal marketplace where individuals may sell their wares. Usually found in larger cities, a good source for finding old videogame equipment.
a good model of how
Keywords:  skier, wipe, garage, gear, tag
Result of a wipe-out when clothing and gear separate from the skier (a.k.a. a tag or garage sale).
an open-air street market for inexpensive or secondhand articles
a market in it's basic form
Keywords:  cheap, everyday, nothing, buy, visit
an area where people go to buy everyday, cheap products
an interesting place to visit if you want to buy something or if you want to buy nothing