Definitions for "Markings"
Spots, blotches, speckles, scrawls, or lines of colour applied to the eggshell while in the oviduct.
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White on the face or legs of a horse.
Configurations of solid white hairs contrasting with the surrounding coat color.
Standard types of pattern on the coat
Words or symbols, stamped, rolled, cast or engraved, on a firearm designating the manufacturer, model, origin, caliber or gauge, choke, material, etc.
Information imprinted on parts and circuit boards, such as reference designations, part or serial numbers, revision level, orientation or polarization symbols, bar codes, and electrostatic discharge (ESD) sensitivity.
The true sensitivity of information. They are used in compartmented mode workstations (CMWs).
any notation or manually entered defacement among the pages (highlighting, ink or pencil notes or underlining, etc.)
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A process used in the Senate whereby, at the beginning of each session, the majority leader reads out loud the actions proposed to be taken on each bill on the calendar that day. Comparable to the House "Go List".
The physical markings on a product indicating the country of origin where the article was produced.