Definitions for "Specific Capacity"
An alternative term to capacity that is associated with acceptance testing of ground water wells. Specific capacity is reported as the rate at which water is discharged from a well per unit drawdown in the aquifer in which the well is completed. This is usually expressed in gallons per minute per foot (of drawdown) [gpm/ft] or cubic meters per day per meter (of drawdown) [m3/d/m]. The latter term may appear in the technical literature as m2/d.
A measure of pumping rate per unit drawdown. If you know a wells specific capacity, you can estimate drawdown at different pumping rates. For example, the specific capacity of a well that delivers 20 gpm with 40 ft of drawdown would be 0.5 gpm/ft. At 30 gpm the drawdown would be 30/.5 = 60 ft.
the yield of a well per unit of draw down.