Definitions for "locked in"
When an investor is unable to take advantage of preferential tax treatment because of time remaining on a required holding period. Also, a commodities position in which the market has a limit up or limit down day and investors are unable to move in to or out of the market.
Unable to pull-out over the top of a wave. Used in two senses: a) When a wave closes out and traps the surfer inside. b) When the surfer is in a good position in a tube. Used as "in the slot".
When a wave crashes and the surfer is inside of it.
Situation in which an investor is reluctant to sell a particularly profitable investment due to the tax consequences.
An investor is locked in when he finds a potential profit is reduced if he disposes of the security, e.g. through imposition of a tax measure. Also where he cannot establish or unwind a position due to a limit move. See Limit Up/Limit Down.
A situation that arises after a raid or a takeover where non-acceptation minority shareholders may have difficulty in selling their holdings.
A hedged position that cannot be lifted without offsetting both sides of the hedge (spread). Also refers to being caught in a limit move.
sailing along with the kite is remaining stationary in the sky relative to the rider - not moving the kite around but just letting it fly steadily.
A videotape or other recorder that is moving at its regular speed and is ready to accept a feed.
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Locked In, the sixth album by the rock band Wishbone Ash, generally ranks as the worst Wishbone Ash album ever, as it nearly killed their career upon its release in 1975.
the state of customers who are committed to an incumbent company's products because switching costs are high. p. 82
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Locked market Lockup option