Definitions for "speculation"
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Speculation is the practice of selecting investments (exposing ones self to...
The act or practice of buying land, goods, shares, etc., in expectation of selling at a higher price, or of selling with the expectation of repurchasing at a lower price; a trading on anticipated fluctuations in price, as distinguished from trading in which the profit expected is the difference between the retail and wholesale prices, or the difference of price in different markets.
Any business venture in involving unusual risks, with a chance for large profits.
A conclusion to which the mind comes by speculating; mere theory; view; notion; conjecture.
a hypothesis that has been formed by speculating or conjecturing (usually with little hard evidence); "speculations about the outcome of the election"; "he dismissed it as mere conjecture"
Examination by the eye; view.
Mental view of anything in its various aspects and relations; contemplation; intellectual examination.
continuous and profound contemplation or musing on a subject or series of subjects of a deep or abstruse nature; "the habit of meditation is the basis for all real knowledge"
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To hide memory access latencies, advanced load instructions ( ld.a) move potentially data dependent loads earlier in the code, and control-speculative load instructions ( ld.s) hoist loads above conditional branches.
The process of moving memory accesses earlier in the code to hide memory access latencies. If it turns out that the memory access was invalid or unnecessary, it can easily be discarded. The Itanium processor instructions ld.a,ld.s, chk.a, and chk.s are used for speculation.
a message expressing an opinion based on incomplete evidence
a statement about the future in which the predictor admits high uncertainty and/or admits lack of highly supportive rationale. It implies the use of unsupported opinion and imagination. ()
Taking positions in financial instruments without having an underlying exposure that offsets the positions taken.
the opposite of hedging. The speculator holds no offsetting cash market position and deliberately incurs price risk in order to reap potential rewards.
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A game at cards in which the players buy from one another trumps or whole hands, upon a chance of getting the highest trump dealt, which entitles the holder to the pool of stakes.
See turnover buying.
The process of buying investment vehicles in which the future value and level of expected earnings are highly uncertain.
The employment of funds for relatively large and immediate gains, in which the safety of principal is of secondary importance.
The employment of funds by a speculator, whose primary concern is for high return on investment. Safety of principal is a secondary factor.
The employment of funds by a speculator. Safety of principal is a secondary factor. (See: Investment)
an idea presented as a candidate for such acceptance that is not so well supported by evidence
a preliminary explanation of a fact, with little or no testing to verify or disprove the idea
The act of speculating.
The act or process of reasoning a priori from premises given or assumed.
Preparing or offering a manuscript or illustration for an editor without assurance that it will be purchased.
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Power of sight.
The purchase or sale of a financial instrument for the sole purpose of making a capital gain.
With futures, it involves betting future price movements.