Definitions for "Nuclear weapon"
A weapon of great explosive power, such as an atomic bomb or a hydrogen bomb, which depends for most of its explosive power on the release of energy from within atomic nuclei by a nuclear reaction. A fission weapon or a fusion weapon. The term includes atomic shells for cannon.
A general name given to any weapon in which the explosion results from the energy released by reactions involving atomic nuclei, either fission, fusion or both. Thus, the A- (or atomic) bomb and the H- (or hydrogen) bomb are both nuclear weapons. See; Fission, Fusion, Thermonuclear.
(JP 1-02) - A complete assembly (i.e., implosion type, gun type, or thermonuclear type), in its intended ultimate configuration which, upon completion of the prescribed arming, fusing, and firing sequence, is capable of producing the intended nuclear reaction and release of energy.
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