Definitions for "Transmutation"
The change of one species into another, which is assumed to take place in any development theory of life; transformism.
The change of one element into another as a result of changes within the nucleus.(Basic Science/Radiography/radioactivedecay.htm) (Basic Science/Radiography/radioactivity.htm)
A process of converting one element to another by irradiating or bombarding it with radioactive particles.
Transmutation is the conversion of one object into another. It is most commonly used in reference to extremely basic objects, for example turning lead to gold or gold to pure energy, but can be used to refer to more complex objects as well, as in transmogrification.
Changing the energy of emotion into another form of energy through conscious intention (lead to gold alchemy metaphor)
transformation, usually referring to the refinement of crude desires or a crude substance into a finer desire or finer substance, such as lust into joy, and metaphorically, lead into gold.
Changing, by agreement, the nature of property owned by spouses. Separate property of one spouse might be "transmuted" into separate property of the other or into community property, and community property might "transmuted" into the separate property of either spouse. trial The formal judicial proceeding by which a person is judged guilty or not guilty. The proceeding is guided by rules of evidence and procedure to safeguard against unfair prejudice. All issues surrounding rules and procedure are decided by the judge exclusively. A jury decides all questions of fact. Sometimes, in court trials without a jury the judge is both the finder of fact and law. trespasser A person who enters upon property without the permission of the person who is entitled to possession. (A landlord who enters a tenant's apartment without permission of the tenant or authority of state law is a trespasser.)
an alchemist's special ability (well, besides making potions, obviously)
The change or reduction of one figure or body into another of the same area or solidity, but of a different form, as of a triangle into a square.
as used here to transmute means to change the form of, such as from kinetic to potential energy, or to modify the structure of a molecule, crystal, or atom.
an act that changes the form or character or substance of something
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The act of transmuting, or the state of being transmuted; as, the transmutation of metals.