Definitions for "Hilum"
Keywords:  funicle, scar, seed, stalk, ovule
The eye of a bean or other seed; the mark or scar at the point of attachment of an ovule or seed to its base or support; -- called also hile.
The small scar on a seed where it was attached to the seed pod.
n. (L. hilum, a little thing, a trifle) the scar on a seed marking the place where it was attached to the seed stalk.
The part of a gland, or similar organ, where the blood vessels and nerves enter; the hilus; as, the hilum of the kidney.
a shallow depression in one side of a lymph node through which blood vessels pass and efferent lymphatic vessels emerge
(anatomy) a depression or fissure where vessels or nerves or ducts enter a bodily organ; "the hilus of the kidney"
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the root of each lung before division into separate lobes.