Definitions for "Dimple"
A slight natural depression or indentation on the surface of some part of the body, esp. on the cheek or chin.
A slight indentation on any surface.
To form dimples; to sink into depressions or little inequalities.
Keywords:  punched, chad, hosel, crimp, shaft
a chad that has been punched or dimpled but all four corners are still attached
The mechanical process of "punching" two or more places on a shaft tip in order to make it fit more securely into a hosel. See "Crimp."
Any small, hollow place that has not penetrated through the layers. Dimple Examples
A small round protruction at the mating end of a terminal that becomes a gas tight contact point for mating. Dimples also increase engage/disengage forces.
Keywords:  mems, lean, bump, raise, forward
a pulling in of the skin, and it may occur when you raise your arm or lean forward
A feature or bump, typically a raised square on the surface of a MEMS device.
a Cary Grant kind of attractive and appealing feature
Keywords:  drops, smooth, stream, mark
mark with, or as if with, dimples; "drops dimpled the smooth stream"
Keywords:  cut, key
n. a key cut in a dimple key