Definitions for "Scapegoat"
Keywords:  blame, sin, goat, leviticus, kippur
A goat upon whose head were symbolically placed the sins of the people, after which he was suffered to escape into the wilderness.
Hence, a person or thing that is made to bear blame for others.
(sah-'eer la-e-za-EL) n. Scapegoat. (Lev. 16:8). According to Leviticus 16, a sacrificial goat on whose head Israel's high priest placed the people's collective sins on Yom Kippur, after which the goat was sent out into the desert to Azazel (possibly a demon).
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a get out of hell free pass
A person or group that is incapable of offering resistance to the hostility or aggression of others.
an innocent person framed for someone else's actions
a 'safe' target, that is unlikely to cause any direct bad consequences for them
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someone punished for the errors of others
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just follow the pointed fingers. If you look at the other end of the arm pointing the finger, you have the cause. See Team Membership