Definitions for "Master key"
Keywords:  entrance, lock, valet, debuting, key
The key used by the client and server for all session key generation. The master key is used to generate the client-read key, the client-write key, the server-read key, and the server-write key. Master keys can be exported as simple key BLOBs.
n. 1. a key which operates all the master keyed locks or cylinders in a group, each lock or cylinder usually operated by its own change key, 2. v. to combinate a group of locks or cylinders such that each is operated by its own change key as well as by a master key for the entire group, 3. n. an automotive key which operates all or most locks on a vehicle where there is also a valet key employed
A key which will open a series of locks in a Master Keyed Suite.
a password management program designed to allow you to maintain many passwords for maximum security without having to remember them all