Definitions for "GOBO"
A pre-cut, etched pattern fabricated from metal or glass that fits in the focal plane of a lighting instrument to form projected light into a shape (logo, graphic or even scenery). Templates can form light images on ceilings and walls. The pattern or template can be used in a projection type spotlight, to project decorative patterns on the walls. The "Bat" image from "Batman" is an example.
image or pattern placed in the gate of a profile spot to project an image. Usually made of etched stainless steel or brass in a process similar to that used when making PCBs, glass and mesh tone varieties are available. Glass gobos can use dichroic filters to provide coloured images.
Is an etched plate, usually metal, put in front of a spotlight so that it casts a pattern on stage. Gobos can be used in all kinds of neat ways, for example, to imitate the effect of light filtered through foliage or to create the effect of a neon sign.
Burdock, eaten as a vegetable in Japan. In China it is used as a medicine. A good source of dietary fiber and nutrients. Often combined with carrot to make kinpira gobo.
burdock root.
This slender root vegetable has brown skin and grayish white flesh. Used in soups as well as with vegetables and meats. Also known as "burdock."
A light-blocking device that falls under the general category of "Grip equipment." Generally used in a studio to prevent illumination from a studio light striking a portion of a scene. A "gobo" can be a simple piece of opaque cardboard or a sophisticated material in a specific shape, often a rectangle or square. "Barn doors" are gobos. The rectangle defined by the GOLDEN MEAN.
in audio terms, a moveable barrier used in the studio to increase isolation, typically between a noisy sound source (i.e., drums or a guitar amp) and other mics or instruments in the studio. Alternatively, gobos can be used to "protect" a low-level source, such as a vocalist's mic, from nearby higher-level sounds.
In video a scenic piece through which the camera shoots and which will become a part of the scene's foreground. For example, by shooting thorough a gobo of a keyhole-shaped piece of black cardboard, the impression is given that the camera is peering through a keyhole.