Definitions for "healthy environment"
a fundamental resource for all human society, and the principles of sustainable development enter into all fields, from social and economic policy to the educational system and regional planning
a must for the sustainance of a healthy culture
an essential part of a sustainable economy and our quality of life
a prime objective for the conservation of vital terrestrial ecosystems and the wildlife in it
a top priority for most Americans, and pure, plentiful water and waste disposal are vital concerns in Pennsylvania
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a part of Vaasa
a clean environment
a key component of the quality of life and the concept of 'environment' is embracing an ever-wider range of issues that affect people's day-to-day lives
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a moral value
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a key part of everyone's God-given right to enjoy optimal health
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a balanced, diverse one
a positive feature in the attraction of new business and employment opportunities
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a core value
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a composite of many other items (e
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a human right