Definitions for "SCAM "
Slang for fraud.
Fraudulent plan or scheme designed to separate a consumer from their money without delivering on promised goods, services (training) or value.
A trick to get people to give up something of value, such as money or property. Scams succeed because of victims' innocence or greed.
SCAM stands for Simple Configure for Automatic Makefiles. From a standard Makefile , it creates a full Makefile with all standard targets . It can be used to look for specific components/libraries, like autoconf. It does not need to be extended to look for most libraries.
This SCAM is actually a good thing. It allows SCSI devices to automatically be configured with an ID number, even if they aren't assigned one. This makes adding SCSI devices much easier.
SCSI Configuration Automatically
A plan, sometimes dishonest, for getting something for less than its value.
A clever and dishonest plan or course of action (L)
Purposely distorting the truth in order to get someone else to part with something of value. Scams can be small or large operations involving few or many people.
Scam is the 5th studio album by the Australian band The Screaming Jets. It was their first record to be released under a different label. Singles taken from the album were Individuality, Higher With You and I Need Your Love.
Scam is a song by the british band Jamiroquai. The song appeared on the band's second album, The Return of the Space Cowboy. It is most often cited by fans as one of the most powerful protest songs by the band.
a false investment opportunity presented by lying thieves trying to steal your money
a program or opportunity that makes claims of money or services that you WILL receive and then does not make good on those claims
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To flirt with a member of the opposite sex with the intent of pursuing some kind of romantic relationship.
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a shady deal and may be against the law
a company that promotes whatever it is that it's promoting and when it comes time to pay, it doesn't because it was set up strictly for the purpose of collecting fees and then heading for the south sea islands
a poor choice of words for this proven commercial entity