Definitions for "Chester"
a city of southeastern Pennsylvania on the Delaware river (an industrial suburb of Philadelphia)
Chester is the county town of Cheshire, England. It is situated on the River Dee, close to the border with Wales, and is one of the best-preserved walled cities in the country. It is the main settlement in the City of Chester local government district.
Among the patriotic anthems sung during the American Revolutionary War, only Yankee Doodle was more popular than William Billings's Chester. Billings wrote the first version of the song for his 1770 songbook The New England Psalm Singer, and made improvements for the version in his The Singing Master's Assistant (1778). It is the latter version that is best known today.
Chester (チェスター Chesutā) is a fictional character in Namco's Soul Series of fighting games. He appears in Soul Calibur III side-quest mode Chronicles of the Sword as one of the player's enemies. He's also an unblockable Bonus Character in the main game.
Chester is a station on the Bloor-Danforth line of the subway system in Toronto, Canada. It is located at 370 Danforth Avenue at Chester Avenue. It was opened in 1966.
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The suffix -chester, -caster or -cester on an English place name indicates that it is of Roman origin, referring to a camp or fort.
The term generally referring to a man with breasts larger than the woman he is screwing. After stripping the woman, "Chester" will proceed to wear her bra, mount her, and beat his chest like a massive gorilla. - Mr. Blue, Minnesota