Definitions for "waiting period"
The period after a companys prospectus has been filed with the SEC and before...
The first eligible continued claim (one which would otherwise be compensable) for total, partial, or part-total unemployment in a benefit year. No payment is made.
the time between becoming eligible for benefits and when your long term care insurance actually begins paying those benefits. Sometimes known as an elimination period or a deductible, it helps keep premiums affordable. The longer the waiting period, the lower the premiums. The waiting period can be measured in calendar days or days of service. A days of service waiting period is the number of days you must be eligible for benefits and receiving covered services before your benefits begin.
The time between the filing of the registration statement and when the shares can be first offered to the public.
The time between the filing of a registration statement for an offering and the offering being declared effective.
Time during which the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) studies a firm's registration statement. During this time the firm may distribute a preliminary prospectus.
a hindrance to lawful firearm purchasers
an example of a bona fide personal financial emergency
a very practical, easily verifiable requirement, offering no difficult problems of proof or administrative inconvenience to either employers or insurance companies
waiver of premium War Risk Insurance
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The time, as specified on many luck chain letters, that a recipient must wait before receiving good luck.
a good preventative measure to take when buying goats from an unknown source
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