Definitions for "Red herring"
Some lettering on the front cover of the preliminary prospectus is printed in red so many people refer to it as the "red herring." During presentations to potential investors, company representatives are limited to discussing only information that is contained in the current prospectus.
a preliminary prospectus filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission and containing the details of an IPO offering. The name refers to the disclosure warning printed in red letters on the cover of each preliminary prospectus advising potential investors of the risks involved.
same as preliminary prospectus. Its name comes from the warning, printed in red, that information in the document is still being reviewed by the SEC and is subject to change.
something irrelevant that is used to confuse or take the attention away from the something else. The politician who is asked an awkward question may introduce a red herring into his answer, to divert attention away from the awkward issue. The term comes from the use of red herrings in hunting, to distract the hounds.
Irrelevant or immaterial legal issue.
An intentional or unintentional distraction that diverts the players from the path to a solution and sends them off on a wild tangent, sometimes involving hippopotami and peanut butter..tôp.
A plot device intended to mislead or take up time. Not to be confused with a Maguffin. Any building in Cthulhu that has a library; any corridor in DnD that branches in two or more directions. (Pembroke's favourite plot device. See Penguin.)
( link / ) A game element intended to mislead the players, most often one of several possible clues.
Red Herring is a weekly magazine focused on the business of funding, building, and taking new technologies to market. It also sponsors a number of conferences designed to bring venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and technologists together. It is headquartered in Belmont, California, midway between San Francisco and Silicon Valley, with bureaus in Bangalore, Beijing, and Paris.
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a dried and smoked herring having a reddish color
a herring that has been smoked and has therefore become reddish-brown
an alternative, somewhat old fashioned, name for a smoked herring
a false lead, something that misdirects expectations.
a false lead, assumed outcome or obvious solution that a writer plants in a story to fool the audience from guessing the real outcome.
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an unrelated sidetrack
a pointless subject to investigate
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a term often used in business