Definitions for "Black Pepper"
Stimulates and tones. Warming oil during the cold winter season. Ideal for massaging on abdomen and muscles. Use in pre-sports or dance rub to help maintain suppleness.
The pepper as in "pepper and salt". The usual kind of pepper is black, but there's a white kind which tastes almost the same. Black pepper is used in hot and sour soups and is mixed with salt for dipping fried foods before eating.
The pepper plant is a climbing vine, native to India, Java and the Sunda Islands. The fruits ripen from green to red and finally to brown. Black pepper is whole red peppercorns, sold dried. They can be used whole, crushed or ground to add heat and flavour to a dish. Freshly ground peppercorns have much more flavour than bought ready-ground pepper.
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pimienta negra
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when youâ€(tm)re cooking, always keep a good peppermill (like the ones Mary Sue, Susan, and Josh designed) by your side
Fragrant, floral, and distinctively peppery. A trademark of Syrah, also found in Grenache, Carignan, Petite Sirah.
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Kali Mirch Spices