Definitions for "Chilli"
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See Chili.
There are a great man species of chillies, which are the fleshy pods of shrub-like bushes of he capsicum family. Chillies range from large to small, and colours include green, white, purple, pink, and red. Curiously, although synonymous with Indian food they were only brought to the sub-continent from South America some four centuries ago. They are now the most important heat agent in Indian cookery. They vary in hotness from mild to incendiary-like potency. Most commonly, small green or red chillies are used fresh. Red chillies can be dried and used whole, and chilli powder is made by grinding dried chillies.
Peppers, Lomboks, Sambal Ulek Chillies are availble in many varieties and can range mild to extremetely hot. Which on we choose is mainly a question of taste and experience but we should not omit them from the recipes as their flavour is essential in most Indonesian food.They are about 7 cm long adn usually sold as plain red or green chopping. Do not forget to wash our utensils and hands after handling chillies. Smabal Ulek is a ready made paste made from chillies and some salt that is perfect for cooking and as a condiment on the table.
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Mirch Vegetable
Mirchi Vegetable