Definitions for "Stockpile"
Broken ore heaped on the surface, pending treatment or shipment.
Broken ore accumulated in a heap on surface, pending treatment or shipment.
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a storage pile accumulated for future use
A stockpile is a special vaccine reserve to be used in emergencies (i.e. supply disruptions or disease outbreaks). As older vaccines approach their expiration date they are replaced with fresh vaccines and are rotated into the market for use in campaigns and routine immunization. In 2002, the GAVI Board approved the establishment of a Yellow Fever (YF) vaccine stockpile for outbreak response and to be used for preventive campaigns. The approval was for 6 million doses each year for an initial period of 3 years.
An accumulation of ore or mineral formed to create a reserve for loading.
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a store of unprocessed ore.
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have on hand; "Do you carry kerosene heaters?"
nuclear weapons and components under custody of the U.S. Department of Defense.
To store materials, goods, or assets for future use.
something kept back or saved for future use or a special purpose