Definitions for "Monorail"
Keywords:  guideway, straddle, rail, apta, railway
A single run of overhead track on which carriers (trolleys) travel.
An electrical railway in which a rail car or train of cars is suspended from or straddles a guideway formed by a single beam or rail. Most monorails are either heavy rail or automated guideway systems. (APTA1) A single rail on which a vehicle or train of cars travels. (DOI3)
Large format camera (usually, though there are medium format examples) constructed on an " optical bench " principle with front and rear standards on a rail.
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a great help in the shop (a bridge crane is even better) but if you are short on the budget also consider a rolling gantry which is a very flexible shop hoisting solution
a great START
Keywords:  panormic, park, stations, train, around
a panormic train around or through the park, with several stations
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a SEPERATE project
Monorail is an integrated web-based interface to services such as email and newsgroups, with additional services such as an address book and planner.