Definitions for "Bumping"
The term given to the procedure for declining boarding to a reserved seat passenger on an overbooked flight. This occurs when a passenger is unable to travel because other passengers have been given higher priority to travel. The term is used largely with respect to airline travel and an overbooking situation.
Practice of removing confirmed passengers from overbooked flights.
The practice of removing a confirmed passenger from a full flight to make room for a passenger with higher priority; a full-fare passenger may bump an industry discount or free passenger.
Exercise of seniority rights by longer-service workers to displace junior employees when business conditions require temporary layoffs or the discontinuance of departments, or to obtain preference over junior employees in choice of shifts, runs, dates of vacation periods and the like. Cost-of-living index - The Bureau of Labor Statistics "Consumers' Price Index for Moderate-Income Families in Large Cities," based on retail prices of consumer items in a representative group of large cities
A contractual right whereby employees scheduled for layoff are permitted to displace less senior employees in other jobs for which they are qualified.
The practice of allowing more senior level employees whose positions have been slotted for elimination or downsizing the option of accepting an alternative position within the organization, for which they may be qualified to perform and which is currently occupied by another employee with less seniority.
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Message board term. Refers to the act of gratuitous message posting in a thread in order to push it to the front of the message board queue. This is a form of spam and is not permitted on the SWG message boards.
In discussion forums, "bumping" is the action of gratuitously posting to a thread for the sole purpose of moving the thread to the top of the thread list.
Raising the customer's offer for a car. "If Mr. Customer says he only wants to pay $250 a month, just say, 'Up to -- ?' He'll probably bump himself up to $300 without you doing anything."
A method used to raise the price or payment. For example, if a customer says they only want to pay $250 a month, the salesperson is trained to say, “Up to ?” And the customer will probably bump him or herself up to $300 without the salesperson doing anything.
the process of forming solder or gold bumps on bond pads of a die. The bumps may be formed by electroplating or evaporation.
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Acid milling of settled forms by the combined action of hot sulphuric acid and mechanical treatment to produce a cone-shaped felt known as a hood or body.
1) refer to ramming 2) refer to wall riding/raping 3) any instance where your car touches a wall, losing speed in the process
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Using a hammer to shape or remove dents from sheet metal.