Definitions for "Dexter"
Pertaining to, or situated on, the right hand; right, as opposed to sinister, or left.
On the right-hand side of a shield, i. e., towards the right hand of its wearer. To a spectator in front, as in a pictorial representation, this would be the left side.
the right side of a heraldic field.
Dexter is a Showtime original television series starring Michael C. Hall as serial killer Dexter Morgan, who works as a forensics analyst (specializing in bloodstain pattern analysis) for the Miami-Dade Police Department. The series is based on the novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay.
"Dexter" is the first episode of the Showtime series Dexter and originally aired on October 1 2006. It is the pilot episode of the series.
Same as a "Tony D*nza" except you dish out repeated blows to the head whilst yelling "YOU ARE STEUUUUUPID! YOU ARE STEUUUUPID! AND DON'T FORGET, YOU ARE STEUUUUPID!!" in a cartoon Dexter voice. - Rich D.
Dexter is a little java program to interactively or semi-automatically extract data from scanned graphs. In its applet incarnation it is used by the Astrophysics Data System. A rudimenary standalone version is provided as well.
DeXter is a versatile Java Internet Communication Solution based on a Plugin Architecture. Plugin highlights: Messenger - currently supporting MSN, other will follow / CSBeagle - Half-life online player finder
One of a breed of small hardy cattle originating from the Kerry breed of Ireland, valuable both for beef and milk. They are usually chiefly black, sometimes red, and somewhat resemble a small shorthorn in build. Called also Dexter Kerry.
dexter runs between a MySQL server and MySQL clients. Its job is to execute scripts and to return results, if any, to the calling client. It may be classified as a script-server, and also may be used as a proxy.