Definitions for "Angle of Attack"
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The angle at which a wing meets the relative wind.
1) hydrodynamically, the designed angle between the planing surface of the sponson and the surface of the water, measured fore and aft; 2) aerodynamically, the angle between the chordline of a hydroplane's wing and the apparent wind.
The angle at which the air strikes the wing
this is the angle that the plane penetrates the air
the angle at which the club impacts the ball. That angle can be steep or shallow, descending or ascending. Ball flight, backspin and distance are all affected by angle of attack.
The angle at which the clubhead descends toward the golf ball on the downswing. A steep angle of attack is more likely from an upright swing and a shallow angle of attack comes from a swing with a flatter swing plane.
The angle between the nose of the aircraft and its velocity vector
The angle between the velocity vector and the longitudinal axis of a missile or rocket.
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Pick-up lines that pilots use.
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See Firing Angle.