Definitions for "FAF"
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Fuel Adjustment Factor. A freight adjustment factor to reflect the current price of bunkers. Synonym: bunker adjustment factor (BAF).
(fuel adjustment factor)--An ancillary charge on some ocean freight shipments to account for fluctuation in fuel costs. Also referred to as BAF or bunker adjustment factor.
See Financial Accounting Foundation. To Top
Financial Accounting Foundation. This organization oversees the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB). It selects the members of the FASB and raises funds to assist in paying for its operations. To Top
Financial Aid Form
"Fire and Forget" missiles. Used in Deadlode Team Fortress; used as a pejorative. Can also be used to describe air to air combat missiles such as the AMRAAM.
Forced air furnace
French Air Force
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IBM SAA ImagePlus Folder Application Facility MVS/ESA. Software supporting image storage and retrieval under z/OS. Manages the indexing and workflow through an ImagePlus system. Replaced May 1999 by IBM Content Manager ImagePlus for OS/390.
Friends Asking FriendsĀ®. Kintera developed its Friends Asking Friends (FAF) solicitation program to simulate online, the offline process of fundraising. With FAF technology, personalized webpages allow donors to express their support for a nonprofit organization's cause, while personalized email tools provide a means to recruit their friends and family to the site.Ā  An online scrolling Honor Roll offers donors recognition crucial to successful fundraising.
The geographical position determined by visual reference to the surface, by reference to one or more radio NAVAIDS, by celestial plotting, or by another navigational device, from which the final approach (IFR) to an airport is executed and which identifies the beginning of the final approach segment.
Final Approach Fix