Definitions for "CEPS"
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Acronym for colour electronic pre-press systems.
Color Electronic Publishing Systems
Common Electronic Purse Specification. Initially developed by Visa before being handed over to the European Committee for Banking Standards (ECBS), this is a unique standard for the global interoperability of smart cards.
Constellation Energy Projects & Services Group (formerly Constellation Energy Source) - the company selected to design, build, operate, and maintain the new district energy system to serve downtown Nashville
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see Porcini mushrooms.
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Centre for European Policy Studies
Center for European Policy Studies CDM - Clean Development Mechanism
Competitive electric power supplier. means any person or entity that sells or offers to sell electricity to retail customers by using the transmission and/or distribution facilities of any public utility in this state. A competitive electric power supplier includes but is not limited to owners of electric generating facilities, marketers of electricity, and municipalities selling or offering to sell electricity. Puc 2002.04 (Competitive Electric Power Supplier Rules)