Definitions for "RIFE "
Prevailing; prevalent; abounding.
encountered generally especially at the present time; "the prevailing opinion was that a trade war could be averted"; "the most prevalent religion in our area"; "speculation concerning the books author was rife"
RIFE offers an alternative approach to web application development and design. It builds upon the Java platform, but offers all required tools and APIs to implement and perform all common Web site related tasks in a fast, intuitive, and consistent manner.
RIFE is a full-stack open source Java web application framework with tools and APIs to implement most common web features. Each of its toolkits is usable by itself and together they offer powerful integrated features that boost your productivity. RIFE ensures that every declaration and definition is handled in one place in the code.
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Keywords:  nimble, power, active
Having power; active; nimble.
Keywords:  abundant, excessively
excessively abundant