Definitions for "Sweater"
A woolen jacket or jersey worn by athletes.
n.: A garment worn by a child when its mother feels chilly.
The term used to designate a hockey jersey.
Keywords:  shapeless, baggy, chihuahua, hides, big
a big, baggy, shapeless thing that hides the human form
a big, baggy, shapeless thing which hides the human form
a big help for a Chihuahua when taken outside
Keywords:  sudorific
A sudorific.
Keywords:  ferry, charmed, pneumonia, ward, even
a must for cool evenings and crossing on the ferry
a must too, even in summer
Magically charmed article of clothing that can ward away colds and even pneumonia.
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a mystery to me
An employer who oppresses his workmen by paying low wages.
Keywords:  forgiving, canvas
a forgiving canvas
Keywords:  perspires, person
a person who perspires
Keywords:  perfect, fit
a perfect fit
Keywords:  causes, one
One who, or that which, causes to sweat
Keywords:  one
One who sweats.