Definitions for "Chasuble"
The outer vestment worn by the priest in saying Mass, consisting, in the Roman Catholic Church, of a broad, flat, back piece, and a narrower front piece, the two connected over the shoulders only. The back has usually a large cross, the front an upright bar or pillar, designed to be emblematical of Christ's sufferings. In the Greek Church the chasuble is a large round mantle.
A long, wide sleeveless vestment, worn by the celebrant at the Eucharist. It is usually oval when laid out flat, with an opening in the center to accommodate the celebrant's head. It is of the liturgical color of the day or season and usually worn over all other vestments (see Eucharistic Vestments).( Photos courtesy - Robert Gaspard Co.)
Poncho-like garment worn by the presiding minister over the alb during the celebration of Holy Communion.
Keywords:  cape, aperture, circular, head
circular cape with aperture for head.