Definitions for "Randy"
a flip with 2½ twists
A single front somersault with 2 1/2 twists, also called a Rudolph.
A single flip with two and a half twists.
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Randy is a punk rock band from Hortlax, Sweden, formed in 1992. They are inspired by older punk bands as The Misfits and Ramones. So far, they have released six albums.
Randy Mosher, author of The Brewer's Companion: Being a Complete Compendium of Brewing Knowledge Thoughtfully Arranged for the Amateur Brewer Containing Numerous and Diverse Charts, Tables, Graphs &c., as an Aid in the Successful Brewing of Quality Beer which is out of print.
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Samantha's best friend. Might be dating Jimmy Montrose.
Keywords:  keen, horny, sexy, desire, excited
sometimes used to mean someone who is feeling sexy or keen to have sex.
feeling great sexual desire; "feeling horny"
Slang for a person who is sexually excited or desiring sex.
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Son of Bill, the innkeeper in South Haven.
an Audit Manager for Martin Marietta Materials
Keywords:  professor, virginia, tech, finance
a finance professor at Virginia Tech
Keywords:  libido, overly, possessing, active
possessing an overly active libido
Keywords:  mycology, leader, forest, team, service
a mycology team leader for the US Forest Service