Definitions for "Papilla"
Any minute nipplelike projection; as, the papillæ of the tongue.
A small, nipple like or pimple like projection; usually fleshy and pliable.
a finger-like projection of the body wall.
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The papilla is also known as the "blind spot" and is located at the position from which the optic nerve leaves the retina. ... more about the Optic Papilla
the optic disc
Head of the optic nerve.
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A hump or swelling. (Pl. papillae.) ()
A tube descending from the abdomen of male fish used to fertilize eggs. It is typically only visible during breeding. See Milt.
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Wart, lump
a finger-like extension with a basal diameter much smaller than its length and not containing digestive gland diverticulae.
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Refers to the “v” shaped gum tissue between individual teeth.