Definitions for "WildCAT "
A well that is drained one or more miles from a proven well.
An exploration well drilled to a reservoir, from which no oil or gas has previously been produced in the nearby surrounding area.
A well drilled in an area where no oil or gas production exists.
any small or medium-sized cat resembling the domestic cat and living in the wild
The wild cat (Felis silvestris), sometimes "wildcat" or "wild-cat" especially when distinguishing from other wild species of felines, is a small predator native to Europe, the western part of Asia, and Africa. It is a hunter of small mammals, birds, and other creatures of a similar size. There are several subspecies which occur in different world regions, including also the ubiquitous domestic cat (Felis silvestris catus), which has been introduced to every habitable continent and most of the world's larger islands, and has become feral in many of those environments.
The Wildcat is a wooden roller coaster located in Hersheypark, Hershey, Pennsylvania. The ride was named for the Wild Cat (1923-1945), Hersheyparks' first roller coaster. It was the first coaster built by Great Coasters International, while the trains were built by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company.
pocketed and slotted wheel on a winch over which a chain passes
a sprocket-like device that handles chain
cable lifter, or sprocket wheel, of windlass
Wildcat is the name of several DC Comics superheroes; the fourth. The most famous of these is the first one, Ted Grant, a long-time member of the Justice Society of America.
Yolanda Montez is a fictional superheroine in DC Comics universe. Her first appearance was in Infinity Inc. #12 (March 1985). She was created by Roy Thomas and Todd Mc Farlane.
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This is a graphics driver for the Wildcat VP cards from 3Dlabs. It consists of a fbdev driver to allow use of the console on non-x86 hardware, drm driver, 2D X driver and a 3D OpenGl driver.
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a cruelly rapacious person
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A runaway locomotive.
Wildcat is a single by Ratatat. Taken from their album Classics, it was released on XL Recordings in 2006. It was released only on 12" vinyl, limited edition, and packaged in gold embossed sleeves.
A cartridge formed by altering an existing commercial case to make a style that is not available from ammunition companies. SAAMI dimensional and pressure standards do not apply to wildcat cartridges.
without official authorization; "an unauthorized strike"; "wildcat work stoppage"
Dial up Bulletin Board Software, allows users with rudimentary communications capabilities to see their library index and fill in an order sheet.
WildCAT is a Java toolkit and framework which can be used to build context-aware applications.
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An A&E thread of polyester that is textured.