Definitions for "Exhibitions"
(Undergraduates only) Exhibitioners are selected each year by the Governing Body (SCR) on the recommendation of tutors. The award is worth ,135 p.a. and the holder can wear a Scholar's gown. Exhibitioners would be expected to have been given, or been very close to, a Distinction or 1st in Mods or Prelims and have performed well academically throughout the previous year.
Exhibitions are substantial products or presentations, which are often complex public performances showcasing student learning and competence. They may be judged by an expert panel and can incorporate judgements from a range of sources including learners, peers, educators, parents and others.
A final performance and/or demonstration at the culmination of a long-term project, often reviewed and evaluated by a panel.
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les expositions Arranging to go out
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An organized display of works of art.