Definitions for "Hocket"
In late medieval polyphony, the alternation of short melodic phrases (or even single notes) between two voices.
The 13th and 14th century term hocket refers to a composition or technique involving two voices in which when one voice sings, the other rests. In the 16th century, the term was applied to a certain type of cadence in which one voice, approaching the tonic from above, fails to reach its destination, and instead has a rest at least one beat long. The leading tone in another voice reaches the tonic and has at least a whole-note value, over which the theme of the next section begins.
a compositional device invented in the renaissance (from the Old English word for hiccough ) in which different voices sing the different notes in a melody line
Partition of a text or analogous material among several speakers, sometimes resulting in Klangfarbenstimme.
Keywords:  interlocking, musical, pair, lines
a pair (or more) of interlocking musical lines