Definitions for "Teardrop "
A term used to describe an opal or other precious gemstone that has been cut into a pear-shape. View our entire range of opals that have been fashioned into teardrops.
Decorative, tear dropped shaped bubbles of deliberately trapped air bubbles.
A bubble of air, usually resembling a teardrop, as decoration within the stem or knop
a DoS (Denial of Service, an attack to provoke a reboot or reinitialization of the system)
a type of DoS attack where fragmented packets are forged to overlap each other when the receiving host tries to reassemble them
A teardrop (also called a "floater" or a "runner") is a basketball move that consists of a shot that is released quickly, often on the dribble, to catch defenders off guard. In attempting a teardrop, a player usually performs the typical layup procedure farther away from the basket than he would in a layup. The ball is also released earlier, typically on the way up, and in a higher arc than in the layup.
a compact travel trailer consisting of a sleeping cabin and a kitchen compartment
a double bed in a streamlined capsule no larger than necessary, with an entry door on either side about where you'd sit up and put your feet down--built on a trailer no larger than needed to carry it
a small camping trailer with a sleeping area for two, and a compact galley (kitchen) area
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a liqueur to the future
Teardrop provides a way to query multiple search engines at the same time, and explore their results as a single source. It's available both in a command line and a graphical version.