Definitions for "Baguette"
French for "rod". A step cut used for rectangular stones, chiefly those of small size.
A small gemstone cut in a rectangle, placed to accent the central stone.
The traditional long French bread "stick", it has a crunchy brown crust and soft white chewy interior.
A small molding, like the astragal, but smaller; a bead.
a thin round moulding, smaller than an astragal, sometimes carved, and enriched with foliages, pearls, ribbands, laurels, etc. When enriched with ornaments, it was also called chapelet.
A small convex molding with semi-circular contours.
(Fr.) : Drumstick; usually part of a direction to the timpanist or bass drum player to use an alternative kind of stick. Baguettes d'éponge = sponge-headed drumsticks. Baguettes de bois = wooden drumsticks.
One of the minute bodies seen in the divided nucleoli of some Infusoria after conjugation.