Definitions for "Helium"
An inert, monoatomic, gaseous element occurring in the atmosphere of the sun and stars, and in small quantities in the earth's atmosphere, in several minerals and in certain mineral waters. It is obtained from natural gas in industrial quantities. Symbol, He; atomic number 2; at. wt., 4.0026 (C=12.011). Helium was first detected spectroscopically in the sun by Lockyer in 1868; it was first prepared by Ramsay in 1895. Helium has a density of 1.98 compared with hydrogen, and is more difficult to liquefy than the latter. Chemically, it is an inert noble gas, belonging to the argon group, and cannot be made to form compounds. The helium nucleus is the charged particle which constitutes alpha rays, and helium is therefore formed as a decomposition product of certain radioactive substances such as radium. The normal helium nucleus has two protons and two neutrons, but an isotope with only one neutron is also observed in atmospheric helium at an abundance of 0.013 %. Liquid helium has a boiling point of -268.9° C at atmospheric pressure, and is used for maintaining very low temperatures, both in laboratory experimentation and in commercial applications to maintain superconductivity in low-temperature superconducting devices. Gaseous helium at normal temperatures is used for buoyancy in blimps, dirigibles, and high-altitude balloons, and also for amusement in party balloons.
atom consisting of two protons and two electrons.
An inert gas that is lighter than air (either Nike AIR or normal breathing air). Predominately sourced from natural gas wells in Texas. Converse introduced a basketball shoe with helium in November 1999, followed by a helium-cushioned skate shoe in 2000.
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Helium is a compiler and a dialect of the functional programming language Haskell. It has been designed to make learning Haskell easier by giving clearer error messages. It is being developed at Utrecht University, Netherlands, primarily by Arjan van IJzendoorn, Daan Leijen, Bastiaan Heeren and Rijk-Jan van Haaften.
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Helium were an American indie rock trio formed in the summer of 1992 by former Autoclave member Mary Timony (electric guitar and vocals) with Shawn King Devlin (drums) and Brian Dunton (electric bass guitar). Their first release was a 7" single entitled The American Jean (1993), which was followed by the 7" Hole in the Ground. They released their first EP, Pirate Prude, in 1994.
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Helium is the debut album by UK electronica group Urban Myth Club.
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Helium is a lightweight and extremely useful templating engine based entirely on XML. He is 100% Java and 100% TDD .