Definitions for "RCI"
"Resorts Condominium International", an exchange company.
Royal Caribbean International
The world's largest exchange company.
Road Charging Interoperability. This project is financed by the European Commission and it proposes to make possible to carry out any road charging transaction in Europe with a single in-vehicle equipment. The RCI project will develop an open, integrated framework enabling road charging interoperability at the technical level based on the key existing and planned road charging deployments in Europe (AUTOPASS, EUROPASS, LSVA, TELEPASS, TIS, TOLLCOLLECT, VIA-T and VIA VERDE).
A business message used to register trade item information from the Data Source to the GS1 Global Registry via the Source Data Pool within the GDSN (Global Data Synchronization Network).
regulation compliance investigator (BQA)
Residential Communities Initiatives
Rogers Communications Inc
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Roof Consultants Institute
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Ring Current Index.
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